About Us

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About Goshen

Goshen Renewal Ministries is a Home Church that ministers in the Grace and Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ, in two different capacities.

First, Goshen ministers to men who reside at our farm by providing a live-in discipleship environment, specifically to gentlemen who experience life controlling behaviours. These residents are willing to develop a personal relationship with Christ, as per Bible-based teachings, and are able to commit to at least one year of discipleship.

Secondly, Goshen ministers virtually to the family members of these gentlemen, former residents, and anyone who is interested in learning how to live a Christ-centered lifestyle, according to Christian Hebraical principles (Jewish Thought).

Goshen Renewal Ministries offers virtual Bible studies from the Christian Hebraical perspective. Access to these Bible Studies are limited to member registration by invite or referral only.

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Live-In Discipleship Residency

Goshen Renewal Ministries is a House Church that accommodates male only members to live in a farm setting, as they are being discipled in the Biblical principles of living, and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

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Ministry Membership

Ministry to non-residents requires membership registration. Goshen provides ministry through alternative virtual means: videos and audio podcasts. Members are able to watch our videos on a private platform, available on TV, online, and a phone app. Registration is obtained by invite or referral only.